Again this year we are going to be running Boost. Boost is our annual summer holiday club and a fun filled time with a variety of activities, craft, games, sport and teaching from the bible. We have colour groups for the various age groups. During the morning we have time together as well as rotations around different activities, so here are a few key dates that you need to know...          

  1. Wednesday the 5th July we are having a ‘dress rehearsal.’ This is a pre –Boost warm up, and will be great fun. You can turn up on the day but it would be really helpful if you could let us know that you are coming by emailing Sharon in the office –
  2. Tuesday 29th – Friday the 1st September. This is our main event and it will be great to see you all there
  3. Sunday the 3rd September we will be having a Boost family celebration, so bring everyone along from 10:30 – 11:30

Letters are available through the primary schools and from the church office, they are also available here 

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Matt Davies, 25/09/2014

 Trinity Life